Ossa Medical

Although our company was established in the last quarter of 2014, it has reached a recognition rate above expectations. First of all, our company, pursuing the dream of "Every product can be produced in Turkey", has started to produce consumables for EEG EMG devices in the field of Neurology in our country. Thanks to the positive feedback of our esteemed professors, the electrodes we produce have become the first choice of all our physicians. Our company has broken new ground in this subject, which has been dependent on foreign countries for years, and has thus been able to reduce the prices of the products to reasonable levels.

A situation similar to electrodes is experienced in the technical service of eeg emg devices. With its well-known technical service staff in this sector, it offers technical service with standard price guarantee excluding parts. Please contact our company if there is a problem with your eeg emg device.

We will soon announce the devices that we will import from our site for the time being.